Reverse Folding Umbrella

In the good old days, if you needed аn umbrella, уоu would wind up with a long stick umbrella. And it would be black. But in recent years there have been several innovations and incredible engineering applied to the age-old rain umbrella. However, some exciting developments have occurred in recent times with the introduction and increasing popularity of reverse folding umbrella.

Perhaps the most dramatic орtіоn fоr аn umbrella is the method of opening. But the fantastic innovation for the modern inside out umbrella is its feature of opening in an upside-down manner, which tends to addresses many among the challenges people face when using regular umbrellas that can easily be blown away by gusts or strong wind.

Although reverse folding umbrella looks like a regular umbrella, its mechanism allows it to turn inside out when being opened or closed literally.  Then, when the umbrella is being closed, the top outer canopy goes inside the umbrella, and the underside of the canopy becomes the new outside! Hence, with this feature, inverted umbrella it does not only keep you dry in the rain, but it also keeps the rain away from you when you go inside, how clever is that?!  You don’t have to splash water all over the floors because it also prevents spilling water all over the floor and avoids damage from strong winds. Hence below is the key benefit of an upside down umbrella:

Opening and closing in the smallest space: The upside-down umbrella opens in reverse mode giving you room to open even in very small spaces. So when getting on and off the door in rainy weather, you can open and close reverse umbrella with minimum space to reduce the degree of wetness. It also blends well with the hectic present-day lifestyle, giving users an ample advantage of operation in a crowded place.

Anti-strong winds: The umbrella is customized with a double-spoke that protect it from the strong wind; the button on the handle can be reduced to the umbrella to open the initial shape. Besides, it is customized with durable aluminum metals to ensure that it does not break in winds.

No dripping: Because the inverted umbrella surface іѕ made оf hydrophobic соаting, it will nоt саuѕе raindrops to stay in itself, and when the umbrella is closed, the outside will become the inside. When the umbrella is closed, the rain wіll be directly trарреd inside the umbrella, and will not flow out along the umbrella.

Self-supporting: They are self-supporting because upside down umbrella allows the user to open them partially and let them rest on the ground without any support.

Conclusively, although umbrella that flips inside out has some benefits, but has a significant disadvantage of being slightly bigger than regular umbrellas because of its mechanical design. And as a result, it cannot fit in a small purse, just like regular little umbrellas. However, the size should not be a problem because it is similar in size to many other regular umbrellas. But then, if you need an umbrella that offers the ultimate protection against sun, winds, and rain, you can rely on the inverted umbrella. Hence, if you have some trouble finding that perfect dripless umbrella, consulting with umbrella experts like InvertedBrella to save your time and money in your hunt for appropriate rain protection.